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After it's world premiered in Pinoy Radio Uk at the beginning of March, we are happy to release our second single, "Atmosphere" in all the music stores (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play etc.) and in our website.

"Atmosphere" is a serenade by guitarist Lloyd whilst singer Jackie was pregnant with their second child. The song expresses the devotion for the suffering love one, reminiscing the early times of the relationship. The chorus voices "Love me baby... kiss me...hold me higher than the atmosphere."

Download/streaming links below:



Story of my life

I miss that every little single time

I hear your lullabies

In this midnight blues

Story of life

I hear your voice, it soothes me down

Swirling through my heart

In this midnight blues


For every hour you were with me

I feel I got eternity

And every minute keeps me fighting

For your love

As every second the clock ticks

I start to think I'd get my wish

My only wish was to be with you

With your love, oh your love


So love me baby, love me and hold me

Kiss me baby, come and control me

Wipe my tears away and behold me high


So love me baby, love me and hold me

Kiss me baby, come and control me

Wipe my tears away and behold me high

Higher than the atmosphere (2x)

Ohh wooh (3x)

Story of life

That time I saw your big brown eyes

Swept me off my feet

In this midnight blues

And this

Story of my life

Your arms they held me tight,

Your body feels like fire

In this midnight blues

(Refrain & Chorus)



Google Play:

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No words can express how we feel saying goodbye to a great year we had. From a loss of a member, to winning a National Competition with our talented friends and our handsome new percussionist, and into a amazing gigs all over the country from Manchester to London, here are the images that says it all to the year that was 2019 to The Soulm8s.

We always thank our beloved supporters who keeps us going and we will try to leave a legacy to the younger generations to never give up the passion for music,whatever life struggles you encounter. Stay positive and LOVE each other!

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Updated: Mar 7, 2020

We played in Loughborough last Friday to surprise Mr. David Mullins who inspired and supported us to serve our fellows. And the next day, we played in Wimbledon with DJ Rex for the wedding of an amazing couple, Sheina & Andy.

Here's our memories:

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