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The Soulm8s is a family band that has been entertaining audiences with their soulful music for years. But when their daughter, Lyris, expressed an interest in joining the band, they were unsure of how it would impact the group dynamic. However, after bringing her on board, they quickly realized that having her join the band was one of the best decisions they ever made.

First and foremost, having Lyris join the band brought the family even closer together. Playing music together is an incredibly intimate experience, and it allows the family to bond on a deeper level. They spend countless hours rehearsing and performing together, which has given them the opportunity to create unforgettable memories and form an unbreakable bond.

But beyond the emotional benefits, having Lyris join the band has also improved the group's sound. She brings a fresh perspective and a unique musical style that complements the rest of the band perfectly. Her vocals and instrumentation have helped take their music to the next level, and audiences have responded positively to the addition.

In addition, having their daughter in the band has opened up new opportunities for The Soulm8s. They have been able to perform at venues and events that they may not have been able to without her, and they have gained a new fanbase that is drawn to her youthful energy and talent.

Lyris isn't the only new addition to the band, though. Her brother Liam has been playing the drums with The Soulm8s since 2019 and has

shown great confidence in performing. Together, the siblings add a new dimension to the band's music and have helped elevate their performances to new heights.

The Soulm8s' success as a family band is no surprise, given their impressive track record. They were regional champions of the Soundwaves Music Competition in O2 Academy in Birmingham back in 2019, and were also awarded the Best Online Jam award by One Nation UK in 2020. They were even named "National Filipino Family Band" by Jhermination Events.

And their success hasn't slowed down. The band is set to be one of the finalists in BBC Radio Derby's DerbyVision music contest this May 5th. They are also planning to go on their second tour called Filipino Festival Tour, bringing their music to new audiences.

The Soulm8s' journey as a family band with a new generation is a testament to the power of music to bring families closer together. Their story is an inspiration to aspiring musicians and families alike, showing that with passion, dedication, and a little bit of soul, anything is possible.

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The Soulm8s, a Filipino family band, is gearing up for their upcoming festival tour that will showcase Filipino culture through music and dance performances. The tour is a follow-up to their successful Filipino Concert Tour across the UK, which celebrated Filipino culture through music and dance.

The festival tour will feature musical performances and dances that aim to educate others, especially the younger generations of Filipinos, on the importance of embracing their traditions. The Soulm8s will be joined on tour by a number of talented artists, including theatre actor and DJ Rex Portillano, nurse balladeer Walter Begaso, and teenage rock band The Strum Stix.

The Soulm8s, made up of Jackie, Lloyd, Liam, and Lyris, bring a unique blend of talents and personalities to the stage. Jackie is the lead singer and former music teacher, while Lloyd, a nurse by profession, plays guitar and sings. Their son Liam is the band's 14-year-old drummer who loves jazz and rock music, and their daughter Lyris recently joined the band as a keyboard player and has a passion for plush toys and arts.

The festival tour kicks off on May 14th at the Philippine Heritage Day in Kings Square, Gloucester. The Soulm8s will also perform on May 28th at the Anglers Club in Leeds for the Filipino Festival Concert with Lowell Daluz Sounds.

Other festival tour dates include:

  • June 17th: Filipino Festival with Derby Bayanihan Productions at Bramblebrook Community Centre, Derby.

  • June 24th-25th: Nottingham Barrio Fiesta by Nottingham Filipino Community (NFC) at Melbourne Park, Aspley.

  • July 1st: Philippine Independence Day celebration with Oxford FilCom headed by Jose Ariel Lanada at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

  • July 8th-9th: Birmingham Barrio Fiesta with Filipino Association in Birmingham headed by Marlyn Celoso.

  • July 15th: Filipino Festival Concert at Marston Sports Club in Burton.

  • July 23rd: Filipino Festival Concert with Jhermination Events and Daisy Esguerra’s Malongwena Collection fashion show at St. Boniface Church Hall in Totting.

Each festival will highlight different aspects of Filipino culture through music, dance, and food. The Soulm8s and their fellow artists will perform a mix of traditional and modern Filipino songs that are sure to entertain and educate audiences of all ages.

The festival tour is a collaborative effort between The Soulm8s and various Filipino artists and communities, including Jhermination Events, Daisy Esguerra of the Malongwena Collection, Derby Bayanihan Productions, Filcom Oxford, Gloucester Pinoys, Nottingham Filipino Community, Filipino Association in Birmingham, Lowell Daluz Sounds, and RSL Events Solutions.

Don't miss the chance to experience the vibrant and rich culture of the Philippines through the eyes of The Soulm8s and their fellow artists. Grab your tickets now and join the festivities!

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Music has always been a universal language that brings people together. And for the Soulm8s, a Filipino family band based in the United Kingdom, music is not just a passion but a way of life. The Soulm8s consist of Jackie (mother and singer), Lloyd (father and guitar/singer), and their son, the talented young drummer named Liam. Let's dive into their story and explore what it's like to have a child drummer in a family band.

The Soulm8s, originally from the Philippines, moved to the UK over a decade ago. Their love for music was deeply ingrained in their culture, and they wanted to continue sharing it with others even while living abroad. The parents, both singers and musicians, started performing at local Filipino community events and soon became a popular act in the area. They eventually formed the Soulm8s with their son, with Liam starting out as a cajon player.

However, Liam soon showed an interest in playing the drums. At the age of eighy, he began taking drum lessons and quickly developed a natural talent for it. It wasn't long before he was playing drums for the Soulm8s and wowing audiences with his skills.

Having a child drummer in a family band brings both advantages and challenges. On the one hand, it adds a unique and exciting dynamic to the performance. Seeing a young child behind the drum kit is a rare sight, and it's impressive to watch Liam keep up with his older siblings and parents. On the other hand, playing drums is physically demanding, and it can be challenging for a child to maintain the stamina needed to play for an extended period.

Additionally, being part of a family band can sometimes blur the line between family and bandmate, and it can be difficult to balance those relationships.

Despite the challenges, the Soulm8s have continued to thrive as a family band, thanks in no small part to Liam's drumming skills. They play a mix of Filipino and Western music, including classic hits and original songs. Their performances are energetic and engaging, and they always manage to get the crowd on their feet.

Being a Filipino family band in the UK has its own unique challenges as well. The Soulm8s are proud of their heritage and aim to showcase Filipino culture through their music. However, it can be difficult to find gigs that cater to their niche audience. They often perform at Filipino community events or private functions, but they also try to reach a wider audience by performing at festivals and other public events.

In addition to performing, the Soulm8s also prioritize giving back to their community. They have raised money for various charities, including those supporting education and healthcare in the Philippines. They believe that music has the power to bring people together and create positive change in the world.

Having a child drummer in a family band is undoubtedly a unique experience, and it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. However, for the Soulm8s, it's a labor of love that brings them joy and fulfillment. Liam may be the youngest member of the band, but he's an integral part of the Soulm8s, and he's paving the way for young musicians everywhere.

Follow the Soulm8s on social media:


Twitter: @soulm8sband

Instagram: @thesoulm8s


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